Strategic projects on innovation approved

The two new projects – “B-Blue” and “BLUE BIO MED” – both involve a total of 21 partner organisations from nine European Mediterranean countries and a financial investment of three million Euros, of which 2.9 in ERDF and 80k in IPA funds. These partnerships will work to promote the smart specialisation of the Mediterranean area in the blue bio economy. 

With these two new projects the Axis 4 “Governance” has now a total of seven projects amounting to 21 million euros, including ERDF, IPA and national co-financing.

The other previously approved and ongoing four strategic projects of the Axis 4 engage 44 partner organisations from 10 Mediterranean countries and are tackling the governance challenges regarding two other key topics for the area: Maritime coastal tourism and Maritime surveillance.

The Strategic projects on Innovation are set to work at policy level, to increase the innovation capacity in the blue bioeconomy, especially through the promotion of a better governance of innovation policies at the European, national and regional levels. 

More information about the Governance Axis

Read the PANORAMED policy-paper on Innovation in the Mediterranean



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