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European Green Deal – together for greening our economy

Climate change is an existential threat the whole planet is currently facing and requires a large-scale, firm approach. With the right plan and resources, the challenges brought by this climate crisis can be turned into opportunities. That is what the European Green Deal is striving to achieve. TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE


The Danube Region (DR) is facing transitional challenges related to culture, planning systems, local heritage, and social structures. Many cities, and especially small and middle-sized towns, are struggling to remain attractive in an increasingly competitive context, largely because of abandonment and ‘missed opportunities’ for large stocks of land and buildings

Low emissions at high altitudes

Mountain huts by their nature are remote, off the grid and dependent on fuel deliveries. The LIFE SustainHuts project is showing that installing green technologies in extreme conditions can make even off-grid buildings more energy efficient. Powered by WPeMatico

Spanish farmers go organic at a profit

Organic agriculture is boosting crop revenues and restoring soils across some of the driest regions in Spain. As part of the LIFE-funded Crops for better soil project, some farmers boosted their profits from €50 a hectare to over €300 in just five years. Powered by WPeMatico

LIFE supports international biodiversity efforts at COP14

The EU is calling for an urgent global response to the existential threat posed by losses to wildlife and ecosystems. To gain from international efforts, several LIFE projects exhibited at the COP14 UN biodiversity conference in Egypt. Powered by WPeMatico

Saving energy on a tight budget

Climate change can feel overwhelming to us as individuals. For people on a low budget, taking steps to make everyday life more environmentally friendly is even tougher. ClimAct in Austria is taking steps to support and empower families to adapt. Powered by WPeMatico

Coexistence with wolves in a changing Romania

Human and wolf coexistence is a complex challenge with deep historical roots. In Romania changing farming communities, expanding national infrastructure and fragmented habitats mean that the human–wolf relationship needs ever-closer attention. Powered by WPeMatico

Finding cleaner alternatives to textile finishing products

The textile industry continues to look to a LIFE-funded project for inspiration on cleaning up its environmental impact, after the project officially concluded in August this year. MIDWOR-LIFE carried out industrial-scale assessments in Spain, the Czech Republic and Italy on textile finishing products which enable fabrics to repel water or

Saving the European lynx – building on hunters’ legacy

The European lynx (Lynx lynx) was first reintroduced into the Former Yugoslavia in 1973 by foresters and hunters, after the Dinaric-SE Alpine population becoming extinct in the wild at the end of the 19th century. Now, due to inbreeding and dwindling numbers, the LIFE Lynx project is fighting to save

Catching public pressure on marine litter

An estimated € 630 million is spent each year cleaning beaches and coastal areas across the EU. A workshop by the Clean Sea LIFE project at the European Parliament gave the fishing community and port authorities a platform to explain how marine litter affects them, and what solutions are possible.