PROMINENT MED project finalist of Procura+ Award

Croatian Prominent MED kindergarten reconstruction project is one of the finalists for the Procura+ Award (more information on The project is a finalist for the Innovation Procurement of the Year aiming to recognize the outstanding innovation of the procurement and the public authority, launching it.

In 2017, the City of Koprivnica set off to become the first public body in Croatia to start, run and deliver a process of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

One of the City’s kindergartens was suffering from serious structural defects that should have led to its demolition. However, demolishing it to reconstruct a new building would have resulted in high economic and environmental costs that the city wanted to avoid. A PPI process with competitive dialogue to procure a solution to enhance the lifetime of the building was launched. The intent was also to create a concept that would be replicable in other buildings.

The City carried out an extensive needs assessment and published its goals, delivering, among others a dedicated project prospectus and a suppliers’ workshop. In 2019, it issued the call for tenders to secure a Design & Build partner.

The completed project extended the lifetime of the building by over 20 years for a cost 50% lower than a traditional new-build project, simultaneously delivering significant energy efficiency improvements. Through those results, Koprivnica is proud to demonstrate that small municipalities can be true leaders in the field of innovative procurement.

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