Webinars in YouTube

1st Webinar with Dr. Estruch: “How to mantain a healthy lifestyle in confined situations” 

2nd Webinar with Mr. Filipe Themudo: “Rebuilding our landscapes and fighting for our common future” 

3rd Webinar with Dr. Sc. Mariano Krespi: “Benefits of physical activity to combat health condition and diseases” 

4th Webinar with Dra. Annamaria Colao: “Potencial nutritional interventions for novel Covid-19”

5th Webinar with Dra. Anita Juric: “Food safety issues for industry during Covid-19” 

6th Webinar with Mr. Giuseppe E. Gramigna: “Leveraging the mediterranean diet, culture, climate for enterprise and regionanl economic devepment”  

7th Webinar with Robert Spiler and Tjasa Struc: “How to grow your own vegetables on your balcony”


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