Day: October 13, 2017

Events – Swiss Science Briefing: Alternative ways of assessing research in Social Science and the Humanities – 19 October 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Jointly organised by the Mission of Switzerland to the EU, SwissCore and the University of Geneva. This event will reflect on the role, output and evaluation of research in Social Science and Humanities by feeding the results of the Swiss programme “Research performances in the humanities and social sciences” (CUS

Events – World Forum for Democracy 2017 – From Fake to Fact: How to strengthen ties among Research, Policy, and Society to counter populism? – 9 November 2017, Strasbourg

‘Post-fact’ politics is internationally fuelling concern, particularly in contested fields of public policy, such as social and minority rights, external relations and migration/refugee affairs, and, not least, counter-terrorism and -radicalisation. The interplay of value divergence and uncertainty has proved very vulnerable to opportunistic, simplistic discourses that blend out uncomfortable facts,

Events – Valorisation Activities and SSH Research Ripeness for Impact – DANDELION Workshop – – 31 October 2017, Lisbon

In the context of the Conference “Democracy and Europe – our common future?”, the project DANDELION (‘Promoting EU funded projects of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’) is organising a workshop on the 31st of October 2017 (14:30 to 17:15) around the theme of “Valorisation activities and SSH research Ripeness for

Events – DANDELION Workshop “European integration, inequalities and citizens’ participation: How social sciences create value for policy and society” – 13 October 2017, Tallinn

DANDELION will organise a Thematic Workshop on 13 October 2017, as a side-event of the Estonian Presidency Research Policy Conference “European Research Excellence – Impact and Value for Society“ that will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. The interactive roundtable discussion at the workshop will highlight how research from socio-economic sciences

Preventing food waste starts early in Hungary

Hungarian authorities have revealed that local households throw away twice as much food as previously estimated. The trend raises environmental concerns when extrapolated to other countries in the region. Far from returning to the ground it comes from, waste food pollutes Europe’s air, rivers and soils. As part of the