Day: October 2, 2018

Events – Strategy towards China – 3-5 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

China offers a huge variety of business and research opportunities and is on its way to become the No. 1 world economy. Scientists and entrepreneurs need to get familiar with the Chinese innovation landscape and develop their own strategy how to approach and deal with Chinese research or business partners

Events – The Future is Calling – Flagship Research for Europe – 16 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Robotics, Health, Environment, Energy – the progress in all of these research fields will strongly shape our common future: driving the development of future generations of robots helps to ensure they will truly benefit society in a sustainable way; understanding human cells during disease could revolutionize healthcare. We want to

New Eurydice Publications on Structure of the Education Systems and Compulsory Education in Europe 2018/19

The Structure of the European Education Systems 2018/19: Schematic Diagrams How do countries across Europe organise their education systems? What are the different models of organisation in primary and secondary education in Europe and how long does each educational level last? How diverse are the programmes offered at tertiary level?