Update – What if my project activities are affected by Covid-19?

This is why, the Programme is committed in finding the best solutions for your disrupted planned activities, meetings, events, etc.  

We advise projects to try and maintain their activities whenever possible. When they must be postponed or reorganised online, try and renegotiate travel arrangements.  

For cancelled activities, we prepared a factsheet to answer your questions about the eligibility of expenses as extensively as possible. You can download the factsheet, here under.

In complementarity with this factsheet related to cancelled activities due to COVID-19, the Monitoring Committe approved flexiblity rules concerning the following procedures: 

  1. Reporting and certification of expenditures 
  2. Payment claims and Progress reports
  3. Payment of expenditure for projects finishing in 2020
  4. Signature of Subsidy Contracts for projects approved in 2019
  5. Projects modifications exclusively linked to COVID-19 lockdown / restrictions
  • Project extension 
  • Budget modifications

If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact your project officer, preferably by e-mail and, if needed, through online meetings.  

As the situation goes, we will release updates. Kindly keep following us.  

Stay safe, stay at home.  


Annex Eligibility of Expenditures COVID19

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