Update of the Programme Manual

Two factsheets of the Programme Manual – “Eligibility of Expenditure” (“Financial issues” section) and ” Verification for multimodular projects” (“Project Management” section) – have been updated to make them clearer and better support partners, Fist Level Controllers and future applicants.

Beside some minor changes, the main changes made in the “Eligibility of expenditure” factsheet are about the use of methods for calculating staff costs: 

  • Partners participating in ongoing projects (approved before the third call for modular projects) and already using the method C (hourly rate) have the possibility to switch from this method to method B (%).
  • Projects approved from the third call for modular projects CANNOT use method C (hourly rate) to calculate staff costs.

More information on the use of method B is available in the FAQ of the Programme website under the “staff costs” category.

These new rules apply to certified expenses as of 20th December 2018!  

In addition, two new factsheets have been created: “Banking Information and Payments” (Financial issues section) and “Complying with the General Data Protection Regulations” (Personal Data Protection section).

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact your Project Officer at the Joint Secretariat. 

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