The Interreg MED Programme has opened its doors to a volunteer!

Since last February, the Interreg MED Programme is counting with a new team member, Paul. He is French and has joined the Joint Secretariat for a six-month-volunteering. The volunteering is part of the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative.

Graduated in European Studies, and with several experiences around Europe, Paul was looking for professional opportunities when he discovered this initiative.

The IVY Programme is a European Commission initiative that was launched in 2017 in order to promote cooperation among European regions. Alongside the Cohesion Policy and Interreg, this Programme offers the opportunity for young people, either recently graduated or willing to engage in a civic service, to integrate the European Territorial Cooperation framework.

The volunteers’ mission focuses on the promotion of projects or initiative funded under the Interreg Programmes. The objective is to report the concrete achievements of the diverse on-going projects, as well as their impact on the local population.

During his volunteering, most of his work will consist in traveling to conduct interviews underlining the concrete impact of the projects funded by Interreg MED. The results of his visits to projects partners will be summarised through videos regularly published on our website.

As he says, “this experience is a unique opportunity to discover and exchange with various stakeholders, better understand what Interreg is about and to find out the actual impact of cooperation for end-users and local communities.”    

This new initiative might well be the missing link between Cohesion Policy and European citizen. 
If you are interested in integrating this new programme or willing to spotlight your project, do not hesitate to contact the IVY initiative or directly us.

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