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Have your say: what should the European Disability Card look like?

Are you interested in the rights of persons with disabilities? The European Commission is working on a proposal for a European Disability Card. And we want to hear your views so that we can take them into account in the design of the initiative: answer the public consultation by Friday

Eurobarometer survey shows that traineeships help young people land their first job

A new Eurobarometer survey released today shows that traineeships are an important stepping stone for young people into the labour market. Four in five young people (78%) surveyed did at least one traineeship, and for one in five (19%) their first work experience was a traineeship. Seven in ten people

Commission publishes a new guidance for the safe management of hazardous medicinal products at work

The guidance, issued by the European Commission with the involvement of many stakeholders in the healthcare sector, provides an overview of existing good practice and practical advice aiming at reducing workers’ exposure to hazardous medicinal products. Powered by WPeMatico

Kick-off of EU-US Talent for Growth Task Force

The European Commission has announced the EU members of the EU-US Talent for Growth Task Force. The Task Force will start its work at its inaugural meeting on 17 May 2023. Powered by WPeMatico

Euronews: how important is an adequate EU minimum wage in a high-inflation context?

In its latest episode, Euronews’ Real Economy magazine travels to Latvia to understand whether increased minimum wages allow people to cope with the rising cost of living. Powered by WPeMatico

Pact for Skills: Launch of large-scale skills partnership for long-term care

Today, long-term care service providers, social partners and education and training providers, with the support of the European Commission, have set up a large-scale skills partnership for the long-term care sector. Powered by WPeMatico

Commission calls for massive investment in digital education and skills

The Commission adopted two proposals for a Council Recommendation to address the digital divide by improving digital skills teaching and ensuring universal access to inclusive and high-quality digital education and training. The proposals go with the “European Digital Skills Certificate” pilot project, that will facilitate the recognition of certification of

Annual report on intra-EU labour mobility 2022 published

The European Commission has published the 2022 annual report on intra-EU labour mobility. The report identifies trends in free movement of workers and their family members, based on the latest available data (2021/2020). Powered by WPeMatico