Smart atmospheres for CCIs: a work in progress

9 project partners, coming from 6 different Countries and representing stakeholders from public and private sectors involved in Cultural and Creative issues met last week in Venice to officially kick-off the SMATH project. 

The project’ main goal is to support the development of a prolific atmosphere where CCI’s needs can find a tailor-made responses.

More specifically, SMATH aims to strengthen the competitiveness of creative industries in the MED area by structuring “Smart Atmospheres”as innovative clustering of cultural engines and value enhancing services. 

The ambitious results of the project want to keep are: 

  • the practice-based awareness of the potential of cultural for creative industries;
  • processes and models of social innovation tailored to the peculiar characteristics and need of SME in the creative sector;
  • a more effective transmission of cultural content to creative industries;
  • a more focused administrative capacity within local and regional governments.

The kick-off meeting has been opened the day before by a welcome cultural event and Veneto Region, Project LP, has introduced its supporting activities for CCIs and has given a practical demonstration by a show produced by a cultural enterprise supported by ERDF Funds.

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