Recommendations for building renovation

The Efficient Buildings Community has just developed a new set of recommendations for European and National decision-makers. 

The eight recommendations are grounded in the experience of the Mediterranean local authorities and they aim to bring the lessons learned in the discussion about the next generation of energy policies: the European Green Deal, issued by the Commission last December, and the recovery plans in response to Covid-19, currently underway in each Member State. 

The Efficient Buildings Community calls for a stronger vision for building-related policies, a proper “Mediterranean efficient buildings action programme“. Policy-makers need to acknowledge that energy efficiency in the Mediterranean countries relies on other parameters than in the rest of the EU.

There are important differences with other Member States on the way we build, on energy needs (particularly in heating and cooling), economic power and constraints. As a matter of fact, deep renovation means longer paybacks. In MED Countries this usually extends to 15 to 35 years. Cooling, contrary to heating, is critical and essential in this part of Europe. In order to create dynamics around energy efficiency, the very specific cultural background needs to be taken into account.

For policy design, this means that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Euro-Mediterranean issues need to be streamlined in the whole policy approach for energy-efficient buildings in the MED area. For further details, check the full version of the policy recommendations in the document below.

Download the policy recommendations

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