Policy paper on financing energy efficiency


This is one of the main recommendations of the Policy Paper on Financing energy efficiency in public buildings, developed by CMCC Foundation for the Efficient Buildings Community. The document reviews the current European policy landscape and it analyses how the financial-related results from the modular projects fit within this context.

The Efficient Buildings Community released the first Policy paper on financing energy efficiency in public buildings. The document reviews the European policy framework and also the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) that each Member State has to submit to the European Commission as part of the European Energy Governance.

In this context, the paper collects the main recommendations arising from the modular projects ENERJ, NEW FINANCE, SISMA and STEPPING that are working on financing energy efficiency measures and in particular on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).

One of the main results from the field experience of the modular projects is that information is crucial for the financial decision making. For instance the current policy framework does not enforce systematic energy audits for public buildings, but this information is necessary for the definition of a baseline before developing EPCs or any other investment.

Another relevant lesson learned is that the relation between different levels of government should be harmonized so that the decision made by national governments could be effectively implemented at local level. For instance capacity building activities could be foreseen in order to train the local administrators to use financial tools and products for energy efficiency in public buildings.

The full version of the first policy paper is available at the link below

Policy paper on financing energy efficiency in public buildings

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