New IVY Reporter!

Since last April, the Interreg MED Programme is counting with a new team member, Maria Caballero, from Valencia, Spain. Maria is volunteering as an Interreg Reporter at the Joint Secretariat, in Marseille, for six months. Do you know what an Interreg Reporter does? 

The role of the Interreg Reporter is part of the IVY initiative started in 2017. The volunteers help with communication tasks to report concrete achievements of the diverse on-going projects, as well as their impact on the local communities. The underlying logic is to make Interreg projects, more visible to EU citizens, who benefit from them, without even knowing it. 

On the other hand, the IVY initiative allows volunteers to integrate the European Territorial Cooperation daily work context. This experience is an excellent opportunity to learn from the benefits of transnational cooperation as well as to grow personally. 

Maria Caballero is a political science graduate with a master’s in political economy. As she says: “After finishing my master’s degree, I wanted to gain international work experience and, at the same time, continue to develop my skills in the field of European cooperation. So, I did not hesitate to apply for this opportunity”.  

However, this is not the first time she is involved in European Territorial Cooperation.  During her studies, Maria worked as a project assistant for Interreg MED projects at the University of Valencia. About this experience, the volunteer confessed feeling “thrilled to learn how Interreg projects work from the Interreg MED Programme perspective and to promote the benefits of regional cooperation among the Mediterranean area.”

During this experience, Maria will conduct interviews underlining the real impact of the projects funded by Interreg MED. Besides, she will contribute to broadcast the events and seminars organised by the Programme. The results of her work will be summarised through videos and news regularly published on the programme’s website. In two week-time, Maria will travel to Romania to participate in the Interreg Annual Meeting to join other IVY volunteers to raise awareness about the initiative amongst the Interreg community so more students and young professionals can benefit from it. 

The IVY initiative is a great opportunity to connect European Cohesion Policy and younger generations. If you are interested in welcoming an IVY volunteer in your project, but you do not know where to start, do not hesitate to contact the IVY initiative or the Interreg MED JS.

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