MEET – Mediterranean Innovation Tales

Among the goals of the 2014-2020 Interreg MED transnational cooperation programme is that of fostering creativity and social innovation in all the key sector of the territorial economy.

To strenghten creative industry, to consolidate coworking spaces, to enhance the cultural heritage, to modernise public contracting, to foster sustainable growth and to increase open data. These are the objectives of the Social&Creative Community born with the contribution of thematic projects and thanks to the work of promoting connections and interactions between local and transnational parties and networks implemented by the TALIA – Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions project.

Innovation and social and creative setting can influence and change European policies. The Mediterranean area is able to develop political strategies and actions that respond to the territories emerging needs, to provide improved results and to create social relationships for new models of cooperation.

Thanks to the creation of innovative knowledge and processing instruments the Social&Creative Community makes a concrete contribution to developing these innovative policies.
The application of innovative processes, from the sharing economy to cross fertilisation, cuts across several fields. Their implementation and transferrability of the results is strategic for the future of the Mediterranean area.

The key for developing an innovation model that capitalises on the characteristics of the countries of the Mediterranean is cross fertilisation: for example the achievement of intercultural literacy of community use of public spaces can become a natural base to try new social models.
In the vision of the Social&Creative community, the individual projects of creativity and social innovation developed by parties and territories, provide points of departure and nurrishment for new policies, replicable throughout the area to create a Mediterranean innovation system.

The players in this change are the regions and the member States, private and social enterprises, NGOs and social services organisations, Universities and Research bodies.

The peoples of the Mediterranean are known for their innate creativity and propensity for social interaction. However, in the narrative of the European politics, the themes of creativity and social innovations – as key factors for success and for the promotion of economic growth dynamics – have only recently appeared. This change validates the contribution of cultural and creative industries to the territories economic development and to social innovation.

Mediterraneus, the sea between the lands has always been the cradle of culture and creativity. It is here the change is taking place and the people are giving the possibility to realise their own ideas, their own creative, social and cultural projects.

The Mediterranean: a place of interactions, a place of encounters.

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