HERIT-DATA Platform Survey

The Interreg MED HERIT-DATA project aims to identify innovative solutions, with the support of new technologies and big data, to reduce the negative impacts of tourism on cultural and natural heritage sites. To collect this data, they are developing a platform and they need your help to do so, by responding to a quick survey.

The project will be implemented in six pilot sites in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Bosnia Herzegovina…. Specific data will be collected in the pilot sites and analyzed through a dedicated platform. The partnership, involving NECSTouR members Valencia RegionOccitanie and Tuscany, is conducting a survey in relation to this specific Information and Communication Technology platform, which is currently under development.

This platform aims at helping public authorities and policy makers in the decision-making process while respecting tourism management. The front end of the platform will be specifically oriented to tourism companies or managers, such as hotels, heritage site managers, travel enterprises, tour operators, etc. The main objective is to generate available Open Data for the destination tourism stakeholders and exploitable for the definition of their business strategies.

HERIT-DATA Platform Survey

Turisme Comunitata Valenciana is therefore kindly asking for 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey, aimed at understanding the involvement of your entity in tourism data and at gathering useful information for the platform design.

In case of doubts during the compilation, please don’t hesitate to contact the following addresses: shabnam.pasandide@remove-this.uninova.pt and heritdata@remove-this.regione.toscana.it


The Interreg MED HERIT-DATA project brings together 12 partners from 7 countries of the Mediterranean basin with the common goal to find a solution to the negative impacts of mass tourism on coastal and cultural/historical areas (e.g. UNESCO World Heritage sites). The project will develop, test and offer new planning instruments to enhance a responsible tourism management, to improve the quality of life of local citizens and visitors and to strengthen the conservation of the Mediterranean heritage.

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