Good news for MAESTRALE project!

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has signed an agreement with the Italian Group ENI, to supply the PB3 PowerBuoy for a demonstration project in the Adriatic Sea. The agreement provides for a minimum 24-month contract that includes an 18-month PB3 PowerBuoy lease and associated project management. OPT will also provide deployment support, remote data collection and monitoring for the project that is expected to begin in March 2018. The OPT PowerBuoy will be deployed in the Adriatic Sea to advance ENI’s Clean Sea technology for marine environmental monitoring and offshore asset inspection using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), according to OPT. The PowerBuoy will be used to demonstrate subsea battery charging, and eventually may be used to provide a stand-alone charging station and communications platform that would enable the long-term remote operation of AUVs.

The PB3 PowerBuoy – which consists of a float, spar and heave plate – has an high performance wave energy conversion system that generates power even in moderate wave environments. Its power conversion and control systems provide continuous power for these applications under the most challenging marine conditions. In fact, the PowerBuoy with its expandable, onboard battery system (Energy Storage System) can act as an offshore Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It is ocean-deployed, moored and floats over the point of use and can operate in any ocean depth over 20 meters and up to 1,000 meters. OPT’s PowerBuoy portfolio includes two power output ranges: up to 3 kW and up to 15 kW.

Are you curious to see how PB3 Power Buoy works? Watch the video or click here for details!




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