General Data Protection Regulation

You probably must have received a lot of e-mails already, but the General Data Protection Regulation concerns everyone so here are some information from us…

What is GDPR ? It’s a new european regulation that strenghens the rights of a person over its personal data and thus, intends to protect them. We’re all for it, as our goal is not to exploit those information.
However, we do collect, store and use personal data such as your name, organisation, online identifiers etc. 

We collect them mainly through our website accounts, and through the forms you fill in when you register for our events and the events of our partners. We also collect cookies (but you can refuse those). 

We are a European Cooperation Programme, as such, we do not use those information for commercial purposes, we use them to analyse our impact and to respect the EU rules concerning our Programme (for example, we HAVE to publish our list of beneficiairies).

Nobody has access to it except our staff members, services of our Managing Authority and some of our tenders. We do not transfer those information unless we have to.
Our Managing Authority is the Région Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, hence the fact that our web servers and storage spaces are under the protection of this regional public authority. 

At any moment, you can ask us to tell you what personal data we have on you.
At any moment, you can ask us to erase those information, as long as it complies with the other european rules we have to follow. 

All our projects’websites will abide by those same rules, as they are all hosted by us.

Please know that we are currently working on updating all our websites and privacy policies to comply with the GDPR. It may take some time but we pledge to uphold it. 

If you have any question concerning this regulation or how we use your data, do not hesitate to e-mail us at

More info on the GDPR available here

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