Fothcoming launch of the working group on “Blue Economy”of the Blue Growth Community project

Last January 2021, the Blue Growth Community launched in the framework of the Marina Platform virtual space, its first working group on Marine Renewable Energies (MRE).​​ This was the occasion to invite all our stakeholders (Institutions, Public Sector, Private Sector and Blue SMEs) to participate and contribute to the process of preparing the actions towards the capitalization of the main results/ tools from the MED Blue Growth projects and help us to improve the policies and strategies in the field of Marine Renewable Energies in the Mediterranean. 

At present, they are ready to launch their second working group, this time on “Blue Economy”. We invite all the Blue Growth Community members as well of all our stakeholders to take an active lead and participate in this new working group to promote and disseminate main blue economy results /tools and blue funding schemes coming from the MED Blue Growth projects. The Working Group on “Blue Economy” is addressed mainly to the Private Sector, BSOs, Clusters, Economic regional and local actors and above all, to the Mediterranean Blue SMEs.

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