Events – Understanding tomorrow’s climate: What science can tell us – 26 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

We become increasingly aware of the huge influence our climate has on our lives. Science is working intensively on decoding the mechanisms of climate change and its consequences.
The aim is to gain a better understanding of the causes and to improve forecasts and models that allow us to predict future climate development. With our event, we want to focus on climate research – and the stories behind.

    • Who works together on these models and how are such projects set up?
    • What efforts does it take to analyze e. g. the arctic ice and our atmosphere?
    • Why do we have to go to faraway places to better understand the climate conditions in Europe?
    • Why is international cooperation so vital in this area?

Our leading scientists will share their experiences and knowledge with you. Given the recent discussions on climate change, we are sure you have many additional questions in mind. We will literally make room for that and you are welcome to ask our experts yourself!

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