Events – Towards a European approach on Industrial Infrastructures for Research and Innovation” – 1 March 2018

Access to new technology and products testing and validation infrastructures, including regulatory compliance services, is essential to accelerate the technology transfer and access to emerging markets. But investment and maintenance costs of such infrastructures, in most cases, is high. SMEs, industrial start-ups, as well as traditional system suppliers, cannot afford these costs but need access to existing infrastructures. Industrial Infrastructures for Research and Innovation target primarily industry, SMEs in particular, and provide access to technologies and services for TRLs further up in the research and innovation value chain (from TRL 4 to 7).

The workshop aims mainly at discussing about the future role of Industrial Infrastructures for Research and Innovation.

The following specific issues will be addressed:

    • Industry needs from Industrial Research and Innovation infrastructures will be discussed from the different types of potential users.
    • General overview about already existing initiatives
    • Visibility: Industry requirements for developing the use of such industry infrastructures for open up and support full accessibility

Expressions of interest to participate in the workshop can be sent to

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