Events – Promoting Innovative Leadership: 1st HBP Conference on Gender and Diversity – 9 March 2018, Madrid, Spain

There is overwhelming evidence that diverse teams deliver stronger and more sustainable results in science and business. To harvest the benefits of diversity, the HBP is promoting innovative leadership and invites you to its first conference on this topic in March 2018.

The conference will focus on the issue of gender balance at all career levels in the HBP, and gender and diversity considerations in research content. It will present the results and recommendations of the HBP gender equality studies and will bring in renowned experts from science and industry to equip the participants with concepts and practical tools.

By using a variety of interactive methods, the conference will also provide a space for exchanging experiences and networking.

The conference is addressed to senior scientists and young researchers as well as to project managers and members of governing bodies from within and outside the HBP.

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