Events – New approaches to science for policy: an international SAPEA conference – 13 October 2017

This one-day SAPEA conference takes place on 13 October 2017 and will explore new approaches to science for policy from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. The conference will be hosted by the Estonian Academy of Sciences in Tallinn and is closely linked to the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research’s conference week European research excellence: value and impact for society. A highlight is TV presenter and academic, Professor Brian Cox, speaking on citizen engagement.

The interface between research and policymaking will be discussed in 4 sessions:

1. Participation of citizens impact on science for policy, both through public events and new forms of technology and media

2. Policymakers changes in their approach to working with scientists

a.Dr Johannes Klumpers, Head of SAM Unit, European Commission

3. Science and the provision of scientific evidence for policy changes in the academic community

a.Professor Günter Stock, Chair of the SAPEA Board, President of ALLEA

b.Professor Janusz Bujnicki, Member of the SAM High Level Group

c.Professor Poul Holm, Chair SAPEA Working Group on Food From the Oceans

4. Changing roles of NGOs and business engagement in science for policy

Rounding off the conference will be a panel on the role of NGOs and corporations in the provision of scientific advice for policy.

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