Events – International Conference on Electron Beam Shaping in Space and Time – 28-30 May 2018, Julich, Germany

This conference aims to address challenges and opportunities in electron beam shaping and its applications. It will showcase cutting-edge theoretical and experimental developments in the form of invited plenary talks and contributed presentations and include space for product displays. There will be opportunities for networking and discussion, as well as an edit-a-thon, an interdisciplinary workshop and a webinar. Topics sought for the program include (but are not limited to):

    • Coherent manipulation of electron wavefunctions by light interaction and matter, possibly inspired by recent progress in light (quantum) optics, to produce functional electron waveforms.
    • Studies of the foundational aspects of quantum physics and their applications to materials science.
    • Ideas and methods for near-interaction-free and dose-effective imaging of matter.

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