Events – Forward as one: Healthcare innovation and the need for policymaker engagement – 9 April 2019, Brussels, Belgium

This year’s event is entitled “Forward as one: Healthcare Innovation and the need for policymaker engagement”, and will be held in association with the Romanian Presidency of the European Union, which runs until the end of June.

More than ever before, in this crucially important year, the EAPM Conference will allow for a bridge to national representatives is order to further build on the developments that the Alliance has helped to architect in various policy areas.

It is the ideal one-stop shop, as stakeholders from every discipline and every Member State come together to forge the way ahead.

Key topics to be discussed in Brussels will include:

    • Personalised Medicine and the Innovation Agenda: An Integrated Approach
    • Technology Developments
    • Hematology
    • Personalised Treatments and Personalised Prevention
    • Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics
    • The Regulatory Framework (Part I)
    • Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics
    • The Regulatory Framework (Part II)
    • Political Will and Institutional Support

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