Events – Food from the Oceans, Scientific Opinion will be presented to the EU Council Working Party on Internal & External Fisheries Policy – 11 January 2018, Brussels

The SAM Secretariat will be presentitng tomorrow, the ‘Food from the Oceans’, Scientific Opinion to the EU Council Working Party on Internal & External Fisheries Policy under the Bulgarian Presidency.

The Opinion contains five sets of recommendations, the main ones of which can be summarised as follows:

    • Mainstream a responsible culture and capture approach to food from the ocean into EU and global policy agendas, including through integrating EU fisheries and mariculture policies into an overall food production framework (which takes into account producer and consumer needs, and the expansion of consumption of species lower in the food chain – e.g. shellfish and algae)
    • Enable the full potential of seafood farming, including through greater attention in policies such as the implementation of the 2014 EU Directive on Marine Spatial Planning and in sustainable fisheries partnership agreements between the EU and southern partner countries
    • Sustain wild-capture by improving the implementation and enforcement of existing regulations and supporting best practice (e.g. that fishing by-catch is properly recorded, landed and used)
    • Enable these approaches via increased policy cooperation between Member States and initiatives such as the Blue Bio-economy Forum
    • Future-proof these approaches and extending knowledge by further developing the Common Fisheries Policy’s science advice system, and facilitating pilot fishing of as-yet unexploited species

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