Events – FABULOS Open Market Consultation / Webinar – 10 April 2018, Helsinki, Finland

The FABULOS project focuses on how cities can use self-driving minibuses in a systematic way. Six partnering cities are collectively procuring the operations of an automated bus line.

Companies can receive up to 5.5 million euros to support their R&D work in developing systems capable of operating fleets of automated minibuses. The aim of the Open Market Consultation is to gain market insight on state of the art and future developments in the field of automated mini-buses.

In order to achieve this, the tender specifications need to be refined and repositioned in cooperation with the procurers, potential suppliers, bus manufacturers and other specialists in the fields of automated vehicles and urban public transport.

During the Open Market Consultation webinars, the FABULOS challenge, vision and scope will be presented alongside the pre-commercial procurement process.

There will also be room for questions.

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