Events – Expert Workshop on Food from the Ocean – 14 September 2017, Brussels

This Expert Workshop on Food from the Ocean will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday 14 September 2017. It is organised by the High Level Group (HLG) of Scientific Advisors of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) and Science Advice for Policy by European Academies EC Consortium (SAPEA).

The purpose of the workshop is to permit critique by the wider expert community of the evidence review and synthesis produced by SAPEA so that work can begin on the SAM HLG Scientific Opinion.

In other words, the workshop should help bridge from the evidence review stage to the drafting and elaboration of the Scientific Opinion which will inform relevant policy development work in the European Commission.

It should help to identify the scientific evidence which is more likely to have practical implications on timescales which are relevant for EU policy development. There will be sessions organised into three groups:

I. Natural Sciences

II. Economics and Social

III. Political Sciences

All presentations, workshop documents and the list of participants will be made public.

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