Events – Designing future energy policies: Social sciences and humanities to accelerate the energy transition – 22 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Energy policies cannot fulfil their maximum potential if the knowledge stemming from social sciences and humanities research is not factored into the decision-making process. Citizens should be at the core of all policies, including those to do with energy. This conference will underline how crucial social knowledge is to accelerating the decarbonisation of our economy and making a real dent in climate change. It will also present concrete recommendations on how to advance and better design future European energy policies in the context of the upcoming research and innovation framework: Horizon Europe.

The event is organised as part of the SHAPE ENERGY H2020 EU-funded project. It aims at generating new knowledge, support evidence-based policymaking, produce interdisciplinary solutions and develop Europe’s expertise in using and applying available research into the energy transition decision-making process. It will bring the perfect opportunity for a wide range of high level panellists and senior stakeholders to connect the dots, debate the key issues and think through on the political and social changes as well the necessary research and innovation investments needed to further integrate social sciences in the future of policymaking.

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