Events – CommBeBiz-communication workshop during the European Biotech Week 2017 – 27 September 2017, European Forestry House, Place du Luxemburg 66, 1000 Brussels

How to spread the word about bioeconomy?

The communication workshop on bioeconomy is organised by “CommBeBiz” project funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020, KBBE Programme and co-ordinated by Minerva Communications UK Ltd.

CommBeBiz provides a bridge from bioeconomy research to business, and for social innovation.

CommBeBiz works with FP7 and H2020 project partners at all stages of their ideas and research development to enable more effective and speedier transfer of knowledge to the marketplace, to policy-players and for the public good.

CommBeBiz targets five specialist bioeconomy segments: Food, Agriculture , Fisheries, Forestry, and Biotechnology.

Since a badge for the European Parliament is required, the registration must be done before the 19. September

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