Events – Brain Research & Tech: How can Horizon Europe improve human brain health and performance? – 6 March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Understanding and healing the human brain is one of the most exciting challenges of the 21st century. For centuries we have been attracted by the mystery of thought and consciousness, but it is only now that we have the technical and scientific foundation to advance.

Is consciousness fundamental for the emergence of thought? Will Artificial Intelligence need to be conscious? And can we repair our mind once it has been damaged?

Addressing these questions requires boldness, is necessarily interdisciplinary and needs close coordination amongst scientists, clinicians, industry partners and policy makers. In Europe, we decided to accept this challenge and push the frontiers of our knowledge through efforts such as the European flagship Human Brain Project, the European Open Science Cloud, and our investments in High Performance Computing…

But how will we succeed? Aix-Marseille University – AMU, a European leader in brain health and technology, responds together with its scientific and industrial partners across the continent.

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