Events – Blue biotechnologies – what are the challenges for the future? – 13 March 2018, BOULOGNE SUR MER, France

The oceans are a gold mine for marine technologies. They host a multitude of marine organisms with surprising properties that are precious resources for numerous applications in pharmacology, cosmetics, agro-food industry, energy sector and bio-remediation. How can these marine also known as blue biotechnologies, contribute to Blue Growth in a sustainable way? How can we enhance this important potential and appreciate the capacity of marine organisms to provide inputs to the blue economy without endangering them?

To exchange ideas, share experiences and express expectations, Nausicaa is pleased to invite you to a one-day event under the theme of Blue biotechnologies – what are the challenges for the future?

The event will take place on the 13th March 2018 in Boulogne sur Mer, France. The event is organised in the framework of the MARINA project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and hosted by Nausicaa, National Sea Experience Centre.

It will bring together representatives from industry, researchers, policy makers, civil society and citizens. Together, they will share knowledge and expectations and propose a sustainable and integrated roadmap of actions based on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) dimensions: public engagement, gender balance, open access, science education, governance and ethics, in response to the triggering question: What Responsible Research and Innovation actions are needed to make marine biotech sustainable in France?

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