Efficient Buildings Community Photo Contest

The Efficient Buildings community is launching the new photo contest “Picture the building of your sustainable community”.

The contest aims at finding the best pictures representing the energy transition in Mediterranean public buildings.

The challenge

Public buildings are the location for the public life of a community. They are so important that they are often considered symbols for whole communities, as it is the case of many landmark buildings representing European cities: from the Acropolis of Athens to Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences.

Today, Mediterranean cities are facing the common challenge of energy transition, involving not only energy sources and appliances, but also the habits and behaviours of sustainable communities. How public buildings are evolving to host the life of a sustainable community? What role can they play, not only as driver of decarbonization, but also as symbols of such sustainable communities?

The Efficient Buildings Community is looking for photos that could represent the sustainable transition of public buildings in the Mediterranean area.

The contest is open to anyone, as long as pictures:

  • include a public building from the Mediterranean area
  • have a link (iconic or ideal or metaphoric etc.) with energy transition

Interested in applying? Click below to download the Call to Action and go to the Application Form

Photo contest website

Deadline for application: 30 November 2020

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