Cultural Heritage: an incentive to reinterpret the challenges of our present and redefine our future

The report of Cultural Heritage in Action examines many projects in Europe related to the use of culture in order to strengthen a more efficient and sustainable development of our towns.

This interesting study presume the fundamental value of Cultural Heritage as central instrument to build resilient cities and regions. In fact, its role as vector of sense for identity and its contribution to deal with many challenges is undeniable.

In these pages a lot of best practices are presented: from solving social issues and creating new ways to experience our cities to increase attractiveness, investment and tourism.

From culture as tool to improve inclusion and foster participation and engagement of the community to a method to regenerate territories and local ecosystem. Rethinking the governance and redesign the cooperation between people and istitutions, cultural heritage can address to the world as a needed instrument to create a better future.

If you want to know more, click here and have a look at the report.

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