Croatian Bluemed KAC opened in Pridvorje

The Deputy Director of the DUNEA Regional Development Agency, Bruno Bebic, addressed the visitors and thanked everyone involved in the implementation of the project. The gathered were also greeted by director of Konavle Museum and Galleries Antonia Radonić Rusković, Deputy Mayor of Konavle Ivo Radonić and Mayor of Dubrovnik-Neretva County Nikola Dobroslavić, who opened the KAC and visited the exhibition accompanied by Museum staff previously trained to manage the interactive multimedia platforms which offers to visitors experience of diving on land.

Archaeologist Domagoj Perkic from the Dubrovnik Museums gave an interesting presentation on the cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, followed by Nikolina Cuk, an archeologist from the University of Zadar and a member of the team who worked on the Croatian Pilot Area. She presented the results of works on the Croatian pilot sites.


After the official part, all visitors enjoyed the rich content of the Center. This Center is one of 4 KACs opened within the Bluemed ​​project, and the DUNEA Regional Development Agency was in charge of activities on the Croatian pilot site where amphora and dolia sites were documented, enabling visitors to enjoy the underwater cultural heritage.


As part of the Bluemed ​​project, an underwater tablet system has also been purchased that will allow divers an interactive dive into amphora and dolia underwater sites, providing them with interesting information. The system will use the Epidaurum Diving Center, which has been taking care of the sites for years as a concessionaire and has been involved in Bluemed implementation since the start of the project.


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