Covenant of Mayors & Climate Alliance Italy workshop

The workshop will discuss the role of local governments engaged in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy in translating the national Energy Strategy as well as the National Adaptation Strategy at the local level in a perspective of territorial sustainable development.
The National Energy Strategy, recently presented to the public, provides an important perspective also for local energy policies, which in Italy nearly exclusively goes ahead through the Covenant of Mayors, i.e. with the implementation of the Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans (SE(C)APs). The National Adaptation Strategy is the reference framework for regional and territorial plans, but as opposed to the mitigation sector where there are more than 3,000 local Sustainable Energy Action Plans already adopted, the adaptation planning process is only starting at the regional and local level.
The workshop will address both fields of action, mitigation and adaptation, looking at the resources available nationally and regionally and how to put them to use at the local level.

The workshop will be in Italian language.

Contact person: Maria Guerrieri, office[@]

Programme | Online registration (soon available)

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