Compete for the Interreg Project Slam!

This year marks 30 years since the start of Interreg and the project slam is the perfect way to celebrate it. Each programme in Europe will submit project stories – and 30 of them will be shortlisted.

Here in details are the 3 themes you can compete:

– Neighbour cohesion: EU cooperation programmes have been helping neighbours work together to develop strong communities along borders, internal and external for 30 years. Thousands of EU-funded projects have been helping us to overcome the limitations and barriers at our borders;

– Youth cooperation: projects aiming at helping children and young people overall; e.g. projects fostering cross-border youth exchanges and cooperation between schools; helping young entrepreneurs to boost their skills and fight against youth unemployment; raising awareness about climate change and environment protection; establishing common public services that young generations can easily access;

– Green connections: The EU Green Deal objective for the Union to become climate neutral by 2050.

Write your project story following this template. You will then receive your story by email: please send it (in English only) at 

A jury composed of 5 Interreg specialists (not from the JS) and an external expert will shortlist the 30 best project stories. Shortlisted applicants will receive an email before 1st May. They will have to produce a 2 minutes video and send it by 22nd May. Out of these 30 applicants, only 6 of them will make it to the final stage in Brussels.

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