A “Greener” Gozo through e-mobility and micro-grids

MIEMA (Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency) is participating in two projects funded through the Interreg MED Programme under the thematic area of Renewable Energy. The agency is collaborating with the local council of San Lawrenz for the implementation of PEGASUS project (Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of Electricity) and LOCAL4GREEN project (LOCAL Policies for GREEN Energy).

MIEMA presented the preliminary results of the two projects during an interregional event organised in the framework of the Interreg Europe project – SUPPORT, organised by the Gozo Regional Committee on the 27th March 2019. The project team presented best practices in relation to the promotion of renewable energy sources through an e-mobility project being developed by San Lawrenz Local Council. The project shall include the deployment of an electric vehicle and a number of electric bikes within the locality as a measure to promote green transport as well as an incentive for resident that make use of renewable energy within the community designed through the LOCAL4GREEN project.

San Lawrenz Local Council is also collaborating with the agency on a pilot study related to the design of a community based micro-grid as part of the PEGASUS project. The implementation of such micro-grid models can help to reduce energy bills for the residents and enhance the reliability of energy supply. Real-time energy monitoring is being carried out in 15 buildings in order to enable the definition of economic advantages with respect to reduced energy consumption and installation of PV systems. Several value drivers for the implementation micro-grids have been identified, both from a technical and a financial point of view. Economic advantages for different types of users within a community as well as potential advantages for grid operators have been identified and studied, including reduced electricity cost and distribution losses and increased reliability of supply and grid resilience.

MIEMA shall be carrying out an awareness raising campaign and will be hosting interregional events for both PEGASUS and LOCAL4GREEN projects during this year.

For more information, kindly visit MIEMA’s website www.miema.org.

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