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  • Deployment call EACEA/04/2018: selection ongoing

    The selection of applications submitted under the Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers Call for Proposals EACEA/04/2018 is still on-going. Information to applicants will be available in August/September 2018, and not in July as indicated in the Timetable of the Guidelines EACEA/04/2018 Powered by WPeMatico

  • eReports for Jean Monnet now available

    The eReport – Final Report and the eReport – Technical Report for Jean Monnet Activities are now available on the Participant Portal. Go to the Jean Monnet beneficiaries space here. Powered by WPeMatico

  • New: Jean Monnet – Reports due in 2018

    Detailed information for reporting due in 2018 for Jean Monnet Modules, Chairs, Centres of Excellence, Networks, Support to Associations, Institutions and Projects actions is available here. Powered by WPeMatico