Across eight pages of its summer issue, the European Commission (DG Regio) PANORAMA Magazine shows project examples of how this European spirit takes form. 

All this editorial section on Transnational cooperation covers four major topics that ignore any borders: Climate change, sustainable mobility, innovation and energy efficiency. These are massive common challenges that are tackled by several countries at the same time. Joining forces to find the solutions is what Interreg Transnational programmes are all about.

It is by sharing knowledge, best practices and common actions between multiple partners across the States that the best solutions arise, and European citizens may have a better Europe.

This is precisely what the Mobilitas project and the Urban Transport community of projects, from the Interreg MED Programme are doing. This example illustrates the challenges regarding mobility in the Mediterranean area. 

The transport sector accounts on its own for a quarter of GHG emissions, highlighting the need for robust cooperation among regions to improve the efficiency of transport systems. 

The “Urban Transport” community hosts a network of seven projects, which carry out testing activities in more than 30 Mediterranean cities. These range from electro-mobility networks and smart mobility systems to tackling traffic congestion generated by excess of tourists’ mobility. For example, Misano Adriatico, a popular tourist town in Italy, adopted a mobility plan that helps reducing CO2 emissions between 6.6 % and 7.5 %, thanks to the MOBILITAS project. The plan cuts daily traffic on mainland roads by 6.2 % and on coastline roads by 14.7 %.

This plan could be applied in several Mediterranean coastal cities. And so, this shows how the European spirit of cooperation reveals itself.

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