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  • Climate Action project applicants seek nearly €200 million from LIFE

    Applicants have submitted 124 proposals for traditional LIFE projects under the Climate Action sub-programme in the 2018 funding round. The deadline for applications was Wednesday 12 September. Half (62) of the proposals are for Climate Change Mitigation projects, with 51 for Climate Change Adaptation projects and the remaining 11 for the Climate Governance and Information […]

  • Enabling invertebrates to play an essential role in ecosystems

    Bees, beetles, snails and other invertebrates make up 80% of the animal kingdom. Without them – and their crucial services like pollination and pest control – our ecosystems would collapse. This means that conserving bugs is of vital importance to us all – or at least it should be. Powered by WPeMatico

  • How LIFE is improving our seas

    “Clean and healthy oceans are crucial to the wellbeing of our planet,” says European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella. From boosting biodiversity to stopping marine litter, LIFE is making a big contribution to EU efforts to achieve ‘good environmental status’ for marine waters. Now these success stories have been brought together […]

  • Bringing soils back to life

    Toxic pollutants from industrial waste can accumulate in fields and enter food chains, raising serious public health concerns. ECOREMED’s innovation was to grow combinations of pollutant-removing plants and trees to rehabilitate contaminated soils in Campania, southern Italy. Powered by WPeMatico

  • New developments in ship recycling

    Recycling techniques for end-of-life ships developed by a LIFE project are now being used by shipyards in Spain to dismantle fishing vessels and support ships. And Reciclauto Navarra, the company behind the project has just signed an agreement to be involved in safer ship recycling in North and West Africa. Powered by WPeMatico

  • Changing lives for a changing climate

    Based in the Vorarlberg region of Austria, the EKO-LIFE project found a novel way to address climate change, while supplementing existing policies and actions. “It is hard for people to change their lifestyles, because there are always difficult decisions to make, so we decided to provide experimental spaces for people to try out new things,” […]

  • Waste sludge finds new life as biofuel

    Treating wastewater from industrial plants is an expensive business, requiring a lot of energy and generating high carbon emissions. EffiSludge for LIFE has a solution to this – converting waste sludge from the process into biogas. Powered by WPeMatico