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  • Timber rooftops reduce construction sector emissions

    The University of Santiago de Compostella in Spain has constructed a 24-meter long timber rooftop whose innovative design could help cut greenhouse gas emissions from the construction sector and spread environmentally sustainable forestry practices. The so-called Gridshell rooftop that now houses a storage facility at the PEMADE Laboratory of Timber Engineering of the University of […]

  • Vote now for the European Natura 2000 Citizens’ Award

    The European Commission has announced the twenty-six finalists for this year’s Natura 2000 Awards. The prize recognises excellence in managing Natura 2000 network sites and in conveying their added value to the public. The entries include 17 finalists supported by LIFE-funded projects. You can now join thousands of Europeans online in electing your favourite conservation […]

  • NCFF loans €15 million for green projects in Croatia

    With support from the LIFE programme, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is investing €15 million in protecting Croatia’s biodiversity and fortifying the country against climate change. The EIB has provided a loan to Croatia’s public development bank HBOR to conserve Croatian ecosystems and prepare communities for global warming through bankable investments in ecosystems. Projects to […]

  • LIFE Calls for Proposals to be published in 2018

    Details are taking shape for the LIFE programme’s 2018 Calls for Proposals. A provisional calendar for the call for proposals publication is now available online. Please note that schedules are currently indicative and that more information will be made public closer to the publication date for each call. Powered by WPeMatico

  • Tree farms grow greener

    New tree plantations could boost wood production while caring for nature and the climate. Following 20 years of planting mainly poplar monocultures in rural Italy, land owners in Verona are now testing an innovative way of growing mixed tree farms to boost their sustainability and harness valuable ecosystem services. Powered by WPeMatico

  • Restored lake helps bring Denmark’s largest bog back to life

    Birds and visitors are flocking back to the largest raised bog in Denmark now that its once dry lake is refilling with water. The restored lake plays a vital role in this wetland habitat. Its shallow flooding is nursing Lille Vildmose back towards a healthier ecosystem. In December last year, the LIFE project Lille Vildmose […]

  • Tackling illegal killing along migratory flyways

    LIFE projects to conserve the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) are moving beyond its breeding grounds in the Balkans to take action along the whole migratory flyway of the species. This is also building local conservation capacity and leading to new knowledge and awareness of this highly-prized species. Powered by WPeMatico

  • Fine advice on air quality

    By mid-March, the EU will decide whether to fine nine of its members for breaching limits on air pollution. As it considers legal action, LIFE projects present potential solutions that could help countries clean up their act. Meeting this month at the 21st European Forum on Eco-innovation in Sofia, Bulgaria, funding beneficiaries from nine LIFE […]

  • Green List your Natura 2000 site

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) is inviting Natura 2000 site managers to field-test the Green List Sustainability Standard. This new standard will recognise areas that conserve nature, provide ecosystem services, and safeguard key social, economic, cultural and spiritual values. To make the cut, sites will also have to be equitably governed and effectively […]