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  • Small groups kick off big projects

    Grant recipients from across Europe converged on Brussels at the end of October to mark the launch of 139 new LIFE-funded projects. Having invested €222 million in these environmental initiatives, the LIFE programme invited its beneficiaries for a word of advice on how to run activities smoothly over the duration of their grant. The event also offered […]

  • Fern alert

    Some of the EU’s most ancient plants are being wiped out by concrete and pollution. A recent report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that a fifth of all fern and lycopod species in the Europe are declining or threatened with extinction. This is the first report to examine the extinction […]

  • Bringing zero emission nature protection areas to life

    Can nature protection be climate-friendly? Can climate-friendly nature protection create jobs and growth? How can EU countries achieve their commitments to halt climate change? LIFE IP-ZENAPA is a pioneering LIFE Integrated Project that is helping to answer all those vital questions. It is doing so by putting innovation into practice to cut greenhouse gas emissions […]

  • LIFE experience at COP23

    Civil society is helping climate negotiators thrash out plans to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. From 6-17 November, nearly 200 countries will meet at the COP23 climate talks in Bonn. Together they must figure out how to keep the temperature on Earth within two degrees of what it was before the industrial revolution. The scale […]

  • LIFE Integrated Projects unveil first results in Parliament

    Scrubbing Central Europe’s air clean of soot and preparing Danish utilities for the consequences of climate change are just two examples of LIFE-funded projects showcased in Brussels last week. The European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety reviewed the first steps of six so-called Integrated Projects spearheading the programme. These overarching projects […]

  • Cross-seeding restoration

    Conservationists are learning to save endangered species by recreating their habitats. These human-moulded environments present challenges to populate, but some interventions are already showing results. At a two-day platform meeting on the reintroduction of species in Meise, Belgium, scientists and NGOs working on EU-funded restoration projects swapped tips on how to jump-start healthy ecosystems. Powered […]

  • Preventing food waste starts early in Hungary

    Hungarian authorities have revealed that local households throw away twice as much food as previously estimated. The trend raises environmental concerns when extrapolated to other countries in the region. Far from returning to the ground it comes from, waste food pollutes Europe’s air, rivers and soils. As part of the LIFE-funded FOODWASTEPREV project, teachers and […]

  • Conserving roamers not road kill

    Over 180 bears have been run over in Slovenia since 2005. For centuries, hunting and urbanisation have driven the country’s brown bears (Ursus arctos) near to extinction. Now cars and trains kill one in seven of them. In attempts to safeguard Slovenia’s drivers and wildlife alike, LIFE-funded conservationists are fencing off highways and installing ultrasonic […]

  • Invasive rats out, seabirds in

    Recent sightings of the European storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) on a once rat-infested island demonstrate a LIFE project’s success at restoring local habitats. Since 2014, conservationists have been trying to protect some of Northwest Europe’s most threatened seabirds on the Shiant Isles Natura 2000 network site in northern Scotland. The islands are home to more […]