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  • Making ceramics more climate-friendly

    The ceramics industry is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, producing an estimated 1.84 million tonnes of carbon dioxide globally each year. A prototype kiln tested by the LIFE ECONOMICK project has shown significant improvements in energy performance. Powered by WPeMatico

  • Successful completion of an international project VINA

    VINA stands for Validating Non formal and Informal Skills and it is a European co-founded project about skills validation in Adult Education. The consortium of the project, coordinated by an italian organization EURO – Research Centre, Promotion and EU Initiative together with other partners from the Czech Republic (European Development Agency), United Kingdom (European Learning […]

  • DESK – New Erasmus+ project starting

    Nowadays, in order to access a job, you must fulfill some requirements, such as having some skills regarding digital literacy. However, some figures show that almost half of EU citizens are digitally illiterate. Digital literacy is one of the basic skills to access to the labor market, but if there is a lack of it […]